Snowflake Sentiments Bundle

Julia and I were flicking through the Christmas catalog at the weekend as she wanted to put in an order to get the Blends and to take advantage of the buy 3 get 4 paper sale and we came across the Snowflake Sentiments Bundle.  “Does one of us have this” she asked? I searched through our orders and discovered that no, neither of us had it. We live about 10-15 minutes from each other (it depend who’s driving!) so for some sets only one of us gets them. There are many of course where we both need them in our own craft room! We immediately added it to her order shocked that somehow we’d messed that up. We’ve decided that for the next catalog, we need to mark carefully who has what so that it’s obvious if we’ve overlooked something both of us thinking that the other one of us has it.

So since we don’t have the Snowflake Sentiments Bundle yet, here’s the Stampin’ Up! video showing how beautiful it is. No. I can’t understand how we missed this either!

Click on the buttons below to join my team, shop or learn how to earn free stamp sets and bundles. This month’s host code is W649HCTD.  It’s also above the Shop Now tab in the menu on the left. Just copy and paste it or type it into the box at the bottom of your order where it says HOST CODE and then click apply.

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