Join My Team!

Become a Cardista!

You love stamping and have a huge wish list and would like to get a discount? You want to start a business? Or you’re somewhere in between? Then join my team and let’s have fun together. I live in NJ but you don’t have to be local to join my team, the Cardistas, we can be in contact virtually. I’m always available to answer questions.

There are a lot of perks to being part of Stampin’ Up!

  • 20% discount on all your orders with the potential to push that 25%
  • Volume rebates, team commissions, performance bonuses
  • VIP access to new product releases at least a month before the general public
  • Earn free product with various promotions
  • Qualify for, product rewards, incentive trips and more
  • Receive the exclusive Stampin’ Success magazine quarterly
  • Eligible to attend Stampin’ Up! events twice per year and be the very first to see the new catalogs almost two months before launch

The starter kit is an amazing deal – it’s fully customizable and for just $99 you get $125 of quality product of your choice, shipped free. This is saving you $38.50 on the product and shipping – what do you have to lose?! What was the last thing that you spent $99 on? Not as good a deal as this one, I’m betting. There is also a business pack included, valued at $50 in case you want to start your own business. This includes 8 copies of the current catalogue so that you can share if you like. Or not. It’s totally up to you.

Once you’ve joined, you immediately get a 20% discount off all future orders as long as you remain current and you have the potential to push that to 25% with reasonable sales (sales to yourself count). To remain current, all you need to do is sell/buy $300 of product per quarter (not including the one that you signed up in). There’s no penalty to dropping either – if you want to sign up, get some product at a discount and then drop, that’s fine. You can even sign up again later too with no penalty.

If you have any questions, just contact me. If you’re ready to sign up, grab your wish list,¬†click here and get ready for loads of fun and new friendships. You won’t regret it.