Customer Loyalty Program

Current code: ZDSGJ9U3


If you buy less than $150 from me, use the Stampin’ Rewards code that will be on my blog each month and, if you meet a minimum amount, you get the free gift. If you buy more than $150, don’t use the Stampin’ Rewards code, spend your own Stampin’ Rewards and you’ll still get the free gift. As a reminder, the code is also on the Shop Now button over on the left.

Track your purchases and when you reach $400 (not including shipping or taxes) email me to order your $40 in free product.


If you use the code, ZDSGJ9U3 , I’ll send you five handmade cards free. In addition, if you spend $50 this month, I’ll send you the metallics sequin assortment.

If you spend more than $150 with me, don’t use my code, spend the Stampin’ Rewards yourself, but I’ll still send you the free cards and the sequins.

There are two ways to get rewards and yes, this is one time where double dipping is acceptable.

Firstly, there’s a Stampin’ Rewards code (formerly hostess rewards) which you use when you are creating an order with me under $150. If you spend the month’s target amount (it will change) I will send you the month’s free gift with your thank you card. If you spend over $150 with me, then please don’t use the Stampin’ Rewards code – you will earn your own Stampin’ Rewards and I want you to get them! I’ll still send you the free gift and a thank you card – as long as you don’t check the no contact box! If you do that, I can’t send you anything because I won’t know who you are.

Secondly – and possibly this is more exciting – when your orders total $400 with me (product total, not including shipping and taxes), you get to spend $40 for free in a current catalogue. All you have to do is track your spending with me and when you reach $400 send me an email with your name, email, mailing address, and order numbers and totals (not including tax or shipping) and what you’d like to spend your $40 on. This is an offer from me, not Stampin’ Up! Here’s one of the best parts – there is no time limit on your orders, so if you take 6 months or 6 years to spend $400 with me, it makes no difference. You still earn $40 to spend in a current catalogue – or whatever the Customer Loyalty Program is at that time. I don’t expect my program to change, but I can’t predict what may be happening in six years if it takes you that long to spend your $400!

Your orders of Paper Pumpkin count. If you have a prepaid subscription, it all counts. If you pay as you go, $14.95 per kit counts (the rest is shipping).

To qualify, your $400 does not include taxes or shipping.

Thirdly – if you’ve bought from me in the last year, you’ll receive the current Stampin’ Up! catalogues from me when they are available.

I have to say that my customer loyalty programme is of course subject to change – it gets reviewed at the end of each year. Also that I can only send product to, or accept orders from, the US as per my demonstrator agreement.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.